What are RLA’s Primary Programs?  

The defining characteristics of RLA’s programs are anonymity, creativity, efficiency and non-judgment. We recognize that when necessary, it is reasonable to seek temporary assistance with the basics of living. We endeavor to provide creative and unique services with quality, sincerity, love, and respect.  

Resources for Lives in Transition

Living Essentials Program: Boxes of living essentials are distributed by RLA volunteers to local community partner organizations. All items are brand new and include; personal care items, food staples, warm clothing, basic sundries, and children's toys. No application, everyone is eligible.












Human Services Resource Booklet: RLA researches and publishes a “Lives in Transition” resource guide with contact information and program summaries for various service organizations in the region.  

Random Love in the Workplace: RLA participants are provided resources to extend ‘above and beyond’ service and kindness to their customers and co-workers in an anonymous fashion (See “Random Acts Idea Guide”)