Random Kindness Idea Guide

[Adapted from www.RandomActsOfKindness.org]  

Suggested Guidelines: 

 -The recipient of your anonymous gift should not be an acquaintance or related to you.  

-You should not tell anybody about what you are doing and the recipient should not know where the gift came from.  

-The gift or act of kindness should ideally fulfill a person's need, one that they cannot easily afford or arrange themselves. If your means are limited, any act of kindness will do. 

Examples of Random Kindness: 

-Smiling at the cashier at the grocery store.  

-Returning your shopping cart.  

-Asking someone about themselves, then listening.  

-Doing what you Love.  

-Imagining a peaceful world.  

-Giving someone the benefit of the doubt.  

-Put a quarter in a parking Meter.


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