Welcome to Random Love Ashland!

What is RLA?

Random Love Ashland ("RLA") is a community-building service project serving the residents of Ashland, Oregon. We are a network of anonymous Ashlanders concerned with the comfort and wellbeing of low income residents of our city.  

Inspired by the ideas of “Random Acts of Kindness”, “Radical Gratitude”, and “Think Globally, Act Locally”; we are ordinary people volunteering our time and resources in the spirit of anonymous giving.   

How Can I Get Involved?   

Everyone who likes the idea of anonymous "no strings attached" generosity can participate, and of course we applaud all of the many charitable efforts already in place.

RLA differs from other altruistic philosophies because RLA emphasizes and celebrates the anonymity of the giving. Therefore it is 100% non-religious, secular and inherently agenda-free. It has a mysterious and rebel quality distinct from traditional charity. 

We welcome collaborators! Please contact us for more information or to donate.

How is RLA Funded?

RLA began in December 2008 with a $2,500 grant to establish our “Resources for Lives in Transition” program. (See "Programs") 

The RLA team is resourceful, efficient and creative. With almost no overhead costs, donations go directly to our programs, with minimal delay between donation and deployment.  

Please contact us to donate or volunteer!


Supporting a Community Network

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